Friday, November 15, 2013

CONCERT REVIEW : Jessica Mauboy

She's come a hell of a long way since her days plying her trade on 'Australian Idol', but the live arena is still where Jessica Mauboy no doubt finds the most enjoyment.
Recently kicking off her national tour (she plays Sydney's Star Event Centre tonight) was cause for celebration, so we sent along our concert reviewer Brad to see if Ms Mauboy brought her 'a' game.

A year on from forming on 'The X Factor', The Collective were a decent opening act after Nathaniel backed out with a day’s notice. Thankfully their set was mainly covers, as their originals aren’t exactly setting the charts alight. They are a talented bunch though, who clearly have been working a lot on their live vocal performances. The harmonies were on point and two members even showed off their rapping and guitar playing abilities. They probably could use some more dance training though. As we saw with 5ive last week, you need the moves to cause One Direction-esque hysteria!

Jessica Mauboy has done a brilliant job of growing up in the public eye.
She has a catalogue of catchy singles, is sexy without being smutty and… that voice. She has a great stage presence and played all of her hits to a receptive Melbourne audience.
Whilst there was little choreography, she used the stage well without running from one side to the other. There were a few awkward silences between sets but she has certainly mastered the art of the quick change, going through five sparkly outfits in the blink of an eye!
The highlight of the 90-minute show was when it was just her and an acoustic guitar. She performed ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘Time After Time’ in this fashion and it was brilliant. The whole auditorium came to a hush as she serenaded us. It was, for a lack of a more eloquent turn of phrase, "a moment". In fact, we were disappointed when the band returned for ‘Because’!
'The Sapphires' section was another highlight and got most of the audience on their feet. How awesome would it be if her next album sounded like that rather than EDM like everything else on the radio?
Speaking of her new album, we were a bit surprised she only performed one new song off it; the title track ‘Beautiful’. It probably would have made more sense to perform more new songs than perform a medley of songs from her last album. Don’t even get us started on why she felt the need to remind us that ‘Get ‘Em Girls’, the song, happened.
Soon it was time for the triumphant encore as the crowd rose to their feet to help Jess with her latest single ‘Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)'. One lucky young fan even got to dance with Ms. Mauboy on stage!
All in all, Jess proved that growing up doesn’t mean having to lose your morals (and clothes…we’re looking at you Miley!) but simply getting better and more experienced. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


Anonymous said...

Thought her show was incredible. If she had a bigger budget, she'd be on the same level as most touring pop artists, imo.

It's a shame Nathaniel wasn't at this show cause the duet he did with Jess to What Happened to Us was a highlight in Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

Did se perform TTEOTE?. If not, why name your tour after a song you don't perform. Personally. I look at set lists before I buy tix to concerts because I want to see performances of a lot of new songs rather than back catalogue because it not a greatest hit tour.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think there were awkward silences at all. Jess' costume changes were literally 30 seconds long & the band kept us entertained during that time!

I agree that she should sing more songs from Beautiful :D

Having said that, the show is such a massive production, awesome lighting, a really diverse set & I tell you what, she doesn't need to dance around too much because she can sing her butt off! So incredibly proud of our Jess. No Australian artists have the tour budgets of international acts like Beyonce & Ricky Martin. I think that she and Guy Sebastian are our two best Aussie artists right now!

Anonymous said...

She did perform TTEOTE, yes. Right after "Beautiful" and before "Saturday Night" which was the final song of the show before the encore.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that she sang songs from all eras. The audience is diverse, so it's important to have a diverse set. While I would've liked to hear more tracks from the new album, a whole tour of the new album wouldn't be as much fun for us or Jess, since it's only just been released & it's good to have light and shade. Plus, it's her first solo headlining tour, so singing all her hits makes perfect sense. So bloody proud of this girl. Two sold out shows tomorrow in her hometown Darwin - wish I lived in Darwin so I could go watch it, it will be special. Melbourne show was EPIC. Huge credit to the band Beatiq, Marko Panzic for choreograph and all other people behind the scenes

Anonymous said...

"Don’t even get us started on why she felt the need to remind us that ‘Get ‘Em Girls’, the song, happened"

This! Couldn't agree more.

A few less cover versions and scrap some of the unpopular album tracks from "Get Em Girls", add in a 4 or 5 more tracks from the new album and "Maze" and I think the set list would have been better.

Other than that it was a fantastic show