Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BEST OF 2012 : No.05

We were enormously fond of all three of this performer's singles throughout 2012, but none more so that his No.1 smash 'Battle Scars'.
Guy Sebastian's 16th single was a monster, becoming one of the biggest selling Australian tracks of all time (six times platinum and counting), Guy's biggest hit to date and among the biggest selling singles of the year.
No doubt designed to get him noticed Stateside, 'Battle Scars' featured rapper Lupe Fiasco (it was Lupe ftg. Guy in the US), but it was here at home where he shone, with those stunning, crystal-clear, pitch-perfect vocals of his the shining star in each and every one of his live appearances. Superb home-grown pop.
It's our No.5 Pop Single Of The Year for 2012... Guy Sebastian ftg. Lupe Fiasco and 'Battle Scars'.


Anonymous said...

Is an awesome song. So glad it made it into your countdown auspOp. It is of course 7x platinum now, and I don't think it will be long into the new year before it hits 8xp.

Will said...

Good call on this one - top-class performances, songwriting and collaboration; the production is spot-on perfection.