Friday, November 16, 2012


Guy Sebastian's new single 'Get Along' is a million miles away from the fluffy dance pop of his 2010 single 'Who's That Girl', in which he spoke of falling in love in a club and leaving for home the same night with the girl of his dreams on his arm.
This one is designed to get you thinking. To tap into your emotions. 'Get Along' is a song about hope, peace and understanding and a dream that perhaps one day we'll all be united, together as one people, one world, despite our differences in opinion, religion, creed and race. After all, we really don't belong to different races, we all belong to the human race... and each and every one of our differences should not only be embraced, they should be celebrated.
Good on Guy for shining some light and spreading the love.


Dee said...

Thank you auspOp!

Guy really is something special - just when you think he cant top the last single - he comes out with this!

So proud to be an Aussie with talent like this in our wonderful country!

Anonymous said...

hate this track - so many other great songs he could have gone with.booooooooo!