Sunday, May 27, 2012


KYLIE MINOGUE : What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)

Kylie may have all but disowned her final original SAW single but seeing as 2012 is a time for reflection at camp Kylie I thought it only best to share one of my all time favourite Kylie Minogue songs.
I was only a young lad when this was released, and the original cassette of Kylie's Greatest Hits spent many a night under my pillow where I would read the booklet before going to sleep!! It was my most prized possession and hearing this song and seeing this video always brings back fond childhood memories. It's song that I can never skip when it shuffles on!

- Kallen from Perth in Western Australia

Look at that! A Kylie classic from Kallen the day before her 44th birthday (and the day before our FOURTH birthday)!
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Ian said...

Totally agree, Kallen!!! It was a return to form as far as I was concerned, following what I believed to be (at the time) a less than interesting Let's Get To It. The song was fresh, upbeat and the remixes were dynamite as well. Add to that the remix of Things Can Only Get Better as the b-side, it really was a fitting way to say goodbye to the hit factory. I know some fans believe WKOF to be a step back for Kylie, but 20 years later (God we're getting old!), it still features prominently on my ipod playlist. Love it!!!