Saturday, April 21, 2012

INTERVIEW : Reece Mastin

He's the ex-UK native who walked away with the grand prize on last year's 'X Factor' and subsequently rocketed to the top of the charts with his debut single and album. Now with more than 100,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter and more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, it seems the Reece Mastin express is powering ahead under full steam.
With a brand new single released just yesterday and an album full of Mastintastic new tunes on the way, we thought it was high time we got on the ol' 'dog and bone' for a chat and we discover that even with all his success thus far, Mister Mastin is still pinching himself.

"Yeah, it really doesn’t seem real," he says. "I used to listen to the top hits on the radio and think they were cool, but I never really paid attention. So then for me to be even in the top 40 is pretty intense. It’s cool," he says.

After edging out the highly fancied Andrew Wishart to take out the 'X Factor' 2011 crown, Reece released his debut single - the Hayley Warner-penned 'Good Night'. With it's blend of pop and rock and Pink-esque vibe, it sounded almost like it was specifically written for Reece - and his audience responded, snapping it up in record numbers. As we speak, 'Good Night' sits at a very healthy four times platinum (280,000 copies). His eponymous debut album also delivered the goods when it came to sales, notching up 140,000 sales and a double platinum accreditation.

Since then, however, Reece has been hard at work with some of the best in the business crafting what will ultimately become his second studio album, due later this year. The first cut from it is 'Shut Up & Kiss Me' which, after being released just yesterday, already finds itself well inside the iTunes top ten. It was a co-write with Hayley and the boys from DNA and Reece is once again going for gold, telling us that he'll accept nothing less than a No.1 single.

"It’s going pretty good at the moment," he admits. "I mean, we’re not number one yet, but let’s hope we creep up there. I just want it to be No.1."

We ask the singer what the track is all about.

"It’s just fun," Reece admits. "It’s about making out on your bedroom floor… that kind of vibe. Who doesn’t like doing that!? It’s pretty friggin’ awesome. So it’s just that cheeky little 17 year old coming out in me.

"Hayley and I sat down and we had the basis for it and we just started jamming it out. Myself and Hayley write really similarly. I actually think we’re the same person," he laughs. "So much fun."

We ask Reece about the official video for the single (above), which premiered last week. It sees the star entering a seemingly derelict building only to discover a carousel and a stage just ripe for the taking. When it comes to styling for it, he tells us that he let his wonderful creative team work their magic.

"My stylist Sheridan did all the dudes and one of my mates Belle did all the girls," he shares. "They’re just awesome. They know what they’re doing, so I let them run with it. Sheridan obviously knows what I like, because we’ve been working together since 'X Factor', so he knows me inside out. He’s got me down pat," he says, adding that a core number of familiar faces have been key to the Reece Mastin success story along the way.

"It's like with the band," he says. "I’ve tried to keep the same band so that we have a good morale. They’re awesome dudes and they’re more like friends now than band members anyway."

Reece's new single 'Shut Up And Kiss Me' takes the singer in a slightly more rock direction than his debut. In a recent interview, however, he revealed that he'd been working with The Potbelleez on the new LP. Given The Potbelleez are a dance outfit, we decided to ask him just which musical direction his forthcoming album would take.

"Well I wrote with Ilan, who’s the lead singer, and obviously his background is really rock," he says. "I was expecting more of a dance thing, but we came out with an awesome rock track, which is really cool.

"There’s stuff on there that’s a bit rockier, there’s stuff that’s a bit more pop – it’s hitting the whole spectrum. I love it. It’s going to be an awesome album and I can’t wait to get it out," he bubbles, also revealing when we might expect to hear it and what else he has in the pipeline.

"The album's almost done," he admits. "It’s going to be released in September. There's a track on it I wrote with Benji Madden, which is in the mix to be the next single. There’s a lot going on."

Reece also tells us that he's expecting to hit the road for a series of gigs not long after the album hits the shops... News that will no doubt excite his dedicated legion of fans, whom he credits for his stellar run of success thus far.

"I love that I have that loyal fanbase behind me," he enthuses. "Some artists really don’t and it’s really upsetting to see because they’re awesome artists, but thankfully I’ve got those fans that are keeping me alive out there. They’re amazing people and if they want to do something, they’ll do it, so it’s been awesome."

We guess, therefore, that the current task at hand for his hundreds of thousands of followers is to help keep Reece's dream alive by getting his sizzling new 'Kiss' to No.1.

Reece's new single 'Shut Up & Kiss Me' was released digitally yesterday.
Reece will perform the single live tomorrow night on 'Dancing With The Stars' at 6:30pm on Channel 7.
His forthcoming studio album is currently slated for release in September.

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I really do love Reece Mastin, I can't wait for the album, and the movie! Well done Reece, very proud of you x