Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Global superstar Missy Elliot has returned serve to the team behind the upcoming Supafest R&B music tour, revealing in a statement this afternoon that she was never confirmed for the 2012 event, despite organisers openly advertising her to be on the bill.
In the statement, released to media this afternoon, the singer hits back at false claims that she was to be part of the line-up, saying "Although I will not be performing at Supafest, I am sure the line-up and the show will still be great. I feel awful that my fans have been led to believe I will be in Australia."
Her manager Mona Scott Young added, "It has come to our attention that Missy Elliott was being falsely advertised for Supafest. The promoter began advertising without confirmation from our end or contracts as it pertains to Missy’s appearance. It is unfortunate when this happens as this dishonest behaviour hurts everyone involved. It not only damages the reputation of the artist but most importantly, it disappoints the fans who spend their hard earned money on tickets expecting to see the artist. On behalf of Missy Elliott and our entire team, we apologise to her fans for the false promotion and are taking measures to resolve the matter.
"It’s unfortunate that the coordinators for the event gave her fans in Australia high hopes for a performance she was never confirmed for."
The 2012 Supafest tour kicks off in Brisbane this weekend.


Kirk said...

Wow. If that's true that's terrible.

auspOp said...

Hey Kirk,

Well Supafest confirmed her as part of the bill and now Missy's management have released this statement (which came directly from Warner Music), so guess it's 100% accurate.

The auspOp team