Friday, March 23, 2012


You know how we love treating you, our lovely readers, here at auspOp. Well, of course, so do the team at Warner Music. Which is why the gorgeous lovelies who tread the halls of Warner were generous enough to shoot five copies of the latest 'NOW' compilation in our direction just last week.
And, sure as eggs, we're giving them away to you!
As always, our inbox was bombarded (as it tends to be these days) and five lucky auspOp readers have walked away with the booty.
So we're sending our congratulations (and a copy of 'NOW : The Hits Autumn 2012') to;

Paul from Rowville in Victoria, Kenny from Raceview in Queensland, Ian from Cowaramup in Western Australia, Jordan from Toowoomba in Queensland and Craig from Toronto in Canada!

Looks like our postal budget will be taking a little hit this week! Congratulations to our lucky winners - and as always, a big thankyou to everyone who entered this week's competition. Keep your peepers peeled... Another giveaway going live soon!


Anonymous said...


auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

There was nothing in the terms and conditions stating that people from outside Australia couldn't win this one... Completely fair and above board.

The auspOp team