Monday, February 20, 2012

Q&A : Timomatic

He's taken the Australian charts by storm with his debut single 'Set It Off', but we've discovered that there's plenty more in the pipeline for young up and coming homegrown R&B star Timomatic.
In our first Q&A for 2012, we posed the questions the fans want answered - how Timomatic came to be, what's coming next and when we can expect that debut album...

Q : Congratulations on the amazing success of 'Set It Off' - you must be absolutely stoked. How have you reacted to the track firstly hitting the top five and secondly being certified platinum?
I'm over the moon about the incredible response 'Set it Off' has gotten. When I created the song with DNA, we knew we had created something special but we didn't know how big the project would get. It's so great to see Australia get behind me and my music.

Q : How did the name 'Timomatic' come about?
I was about 16 yrs old when a few mates of mine started calling me Omatic while watching me freestyle dance around Canberra. Omatic was my mates' way of describing my dynamic style of entertainment. The name just stuck but people didn't quite know who Omatic was so Tim was put in front of it. Timomatic hehe

Q : Most of us got to know you through TV talent competitions like 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Australia's Got Talent'. Had you auditioned for any other shows in the past but got rejected? (Egg on their face if you had).
'So You Think You Can Dance' was the first show I auditioned for. However I did enter a few small singing and dancing competitions around town and I didn't win any of them!!!!! lol I guess defeat made me work harder.

Q : You were heavily influenced by Michael Jackson as a young performer. Who's floating your musical boat these days and why?
At the moment I am really admiring the work of Beyonce. I respect all aspects of Beyonces career on and off camera. Musically she creates incredible moment with her songs and works hard at magic timeless movement with these songs. Also she has been able to maintain a stable private life but still living her dream. Thats really hard to do so much respect.

Q : What's your favourite song right now (apart from your own, obviously)?

Q : And what's the one track you'd gladly never hear again?
Friday-Rebecca Black

Q : You're pretty much the complete pop package, what with your soulful vocals and insane dance moves. Which is most important to you? i.e. if you had to give one of them up, would it be the dancing or the singing?
Wow it's like asking me to give up one of my children (if i had kids lol) . I would have to say dancing would go because at least with singing I can still make music for others to dance to.

Q : Tell us about working with the DNA boys.
DNA are a really great production team. When I first met them to work on my first single, we just sat and talked about life for like 3 hours. It was great. They were really focused on finding the right sound for me and really paid attention to where I wanted to go with the project. Will definitely be in the studio with them again.

Q : And no doubt you've been working with them on your forthcoming debut album?
I have been. We really created something unique and special with 'Set It Off' so prepare to hear more songs from the DNA/Timomatic team on the album.

Q : Who else have you been working with on the LP? And when can we expect it?
I have been working with a whole heap of Aussie writers and producers. That's part of the reason I love this project, most of the talent behind the scenes are homegrown. It's inspiring to know. You can except the album hopefully mid year, then a kick-ass tour to match lol.

Q : So what's next on the horizon? More plugging of 'Set It Off' or another single to come?
I have the amazing privilege of promoting 'Set It Off' in NZ which is like 14 on the charts at the moment. Another single is on the horizon too which I'm crazy excited about and I hope to drop it mid March so get ready!!!!

Q : Anywhere we'll get to see you performing live anytime soon?
I'll be performing live right around Australia real soon. For all dates and info check out to see when Ill be setting it off in your neighbourhood!!!

Timomatic's debut single 'Set It Off' is available digitally now.


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