Thursday, December 1, 2011


Singer songwriter Josh Pyke always gives good video... Who could forget him sailing the waters of Sydney harbour in his guitar-boat?
But now he's teamed up with Little Birdy frontwoman Katy Steele for his latest single - the alluring two and a half minute nugget 'Punch In The Heart' - and its accompanying video.
Filmed in Sydney (Josh's part) and New York (Katy's part), the clip uses a split screen to see the twosome deliver each part in unison, telling a tender story of love.
Josh has an awesome little anecdote about the making of the track.
"Punch In The Heart is a song that took the long way home," he says. "Whilst on tour with Whitley on the south coast of New South Wales, the song was born in a small hotel room in order to kill an afternoon. Years passed and then when en route to a friend’s wedding, I dropped my sister off at her accommodation and the song came flooding back. She was staying at the same hotel in the exact room that the song was written in. I decided then and there to use the track on my next album." Synergy in motion.
The track is lifted from Josh's latest album 'Only Sparrows'.

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