Tuesday, December 20, 2011


She recently tore up the charts here in Australia with her hot No.1 smash 'Mr.Know It All'. Now Kelly Clarkson is hoping to do it all again with her latest single 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' (cover art pictured) - especially if the mass of remixes serviced to media today are anything to go by.
There are no less than 13, yes THIRTEEN, remixes of the track that have been serviced today; new versions by the amazing 7th Heaven (who always give good remix), Futurecop, Nicky Romero, Papercha$er, Project 46 and Promised Land.
All will be working towards giving Ms Kelly another smash hit down under. The single sits at No.37 on the ARIA singles chart this week.
A digital remix EP is expected to be released soon.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this to be released already. Loving the song.

Pete said...

Is there any word as to whether this EP will be released here in Australia? It seems to be on all other itunes!

auspOp said...

Hey Pete,

We're betting that if it hasn't been released here so far (and we're shocked to learn it hasn't), it probably won't...
The licensing costs to release the mixes locally would have probably outweighed the money they'd make on them.

The auspOp team

Pete said...

Thank you very much!

Big shame - I think the single hasd the potential to be huge here, but the promo/release was pretty messed up!

I am not into illegal downloading -but I can't see how else I can get them...