Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE SATURDAYS : My Heart Takes Over

After teasing us with a 57 second bite of their new video less than 24 hours ago, British girl group The Saturdays have revealed the full version of the clip for their brand new single 'My Heart Takes Over'.
Gone is the comfort, safety and warmth of the studio - and hello Iceland, where the terrain looks a little bleak, the volcanos are virtually unpronounceable (just try spelling them!) and the girls have all had to rug up to keep the cold from biting. We've actually had to put the heater on just watching it.
And if the wind's incessant howl didn't make you feel cold enough, the directors have added in a snow-making machine for effect.
Talk about suffering for your art.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort from a wholly underrated group. More!!