Friday, August 19, 2011


Gotta love a band that thinks outside the square when it comes to promoting their new single - and Sydney outfit Radio Ink did just that recently, beaming images of their newly released EP onto buildings in some of the city's most recognised locations.
According to reports, they used an astonishing $300,000 worth of equipment to get the covers up there - onto the iconic Harbour Bridge (above) and in the middle of Kings Cross, adjacent to the infamous Coca Cola sign (below). We've added the pretty pink circles in for added effect.
Of course the promotion is not just about their recently released EP, but the upcoming official launch of it at the Beresford Hotel.
Folks who made it along to the recent Neon Trees gigs in Sydney and Melbourne, along with some of the Potbelleez' recent shows would have seen what the up and coming trio is all about.
But if you weren't lucky enough to be at one of those shows, never fear - you can catch the EP launch at the Beresford in Surry Hills next Friday August 26.

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craig foster said...

That's kick ass! im seeing this band next week.