Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hold the presses, Cascada fans... We come bearing good news. Not only is Australia getting the German band's latest single 'San Francisco' digitally from early next week, but now Universal Music has revealed that they'll be releasing the new album 'Original Me' here too!
Though the album is spread across eleven tracks, our version is set to be housed in a double slimline case containing a greatest hits package on a second disc.
It'll contain 15 tracks with everything from 'Everytime We Touch' to 'Evacuate The Dancefloor', 'Truly Madly Deeply' and their Christmas cover 'Last Christmas'.
'Original Me' (tracklist below) will hit Australian retail stores on Friday July 08.

01. San Francisco
02. Au Revoir
03. Unspoken (ftg. Carlprit)
04. Pyromania
05. Enemy
06. Independence Day (ftg. Carlprit)
07. Stalker
08. Night Nurse
09. Sinner On The Dancefloor
10. Original Me
11. Hungover


Colin said...

I've literally jumped through my roof. I'm so happy! So we'll be getting the bonus greatest hits cd same as the one in uk?

auspOp said...

Hey Colin,

The one and the same, yes.

The auspOp team