Wednesday, March 2, 2011


With a sublime gravelly vocal, it's easy to hear why a lot of people could mistake Italian singer Mario Biondi for soul greats Barry White or Isaac Hayes. Mario's experienced a great deal of success in his homeland and regularly tours across Europe along with a 15 piece band knocking everyone out with his incredible baritone vocal.
He's also worked with some of the best in the business - Chaka Khan, Burt Bacharach, Incognito - even Michael Bolton.
Soon it'll be Australia's turn to experience Mario live and up close with a nationwide tour planned for Autumn.
But to kick things off, Issa'min has released the singer's latest single 'Be Lonely' to Australian digital retail.
And it's as smooth as butter. Pop it on in your home at volume and watch the laydees swoon, as the sweet soul/disco sounds echo warmly across the nearest quadrangle (there's a word we haven't used since school).
HIt it up at iTunes HERE for that good ol' fashioned 30 second snippet.
Issa'min will release Mario's album 'If' in Australia next month.


Anonymous said...

Can you post when exactly he might be coming down under????

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

According to his record company, his visit to Australia (and throughout the rest of Asia) was cancelled due to the earthquake in Japan earlier this year.

The auspOp team