Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RICKY MARTIN : The Best Thing About Me Is You

Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin is back with his first English-language single in over five years: 'The Best Thing About Me Is You'. The track is the first single from his forthcoming Music + Soul + Sex album, which will be made available in Spanish and English versions later in the year.
'TBTAMIY' is a feel good lite-reggae jam featuring soul goddess Joss Stone but the Spanish version 'Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú' features Latin pop sensation Natalia Jimenez. Check out Ricky in all his fine fit glory here in the slick new video. There's a smattering of empowering words etched here and there waxing lyrical about equality, humanity and all that good stuff we like popstars to stay real about, but the highlight goes to those gorgeous shots of same-sex couples and folk of every colour. Group hugs all around.
"Life is short, so make it whatcha wanna..." DL

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