Friday, December 24, 2010

TOP POP 2010 : NO.07

We can't quite pick when or why Australia started to fall out of love with Kylie and her music, but it most certainly seems to be the case with the 'Aprodite' project, despite the album being a stream of Stuart Price-produced pop perfection.
And really, there's no stronger song on the LP than it's second single 'Get Outta My Way', which sadly debuted and peaked at a disastrous No.69 on the Aussie singles chart.
Plainly put, 'Get Outta My Way' proved beyond doubt that there's still plenty of A+ pop left in the ol' princess yet - glittering things up with high-energy feel-good pop and a hands-in-the-air chorus that slaps you up the side of the head with a second section just when you think it's all over red rover. And top 50 hit or not... Gosh it's good.
So get outta our way... presenting auspOp's No.7 pop song of 2010 - Kylie Minogue's 'Get Outta My Way'.


Brad said...

This probably would of been a smash if it was released as the first single. ''All the Lovers' ruined everything for poor Kylie.

Tuvak said...

Love this song. Australia is funny when it comes to Kylie. She is in or out. Seems to be out of favour at the moment.
Glad you are not letting success get in the way of your top songs!!

fishpOOp said...

I love all of "2 Hearts," "Wow," "in My Arms," "All I See," "The One" and "All the Lovers." Not this though. :-/

Anonymous said...

The song, along with the album is just Kylie by numbers, like her career has become this past decade. She will need to do something new and original to get Australia to love her again like what happened with Confide in Me. It could happen, but I have my doubts.

JimJim said...

This song is an awesome slice of pure pop.

I think 'All the Lovers' ruined her already waining popularity.

Anonymous said...

In the UK, All The Lovers is her biggest selling single since CGYOOMH so blaming All The Lovers on the lack of success is kinda silly.

Kylie's days of having big hits in Australia are pretty much over. None of the singles from the past 2 albums have truly left a mark on the Australian public (yes, 2 Hearts was a #1, but with incredibly low sales and I doubt many non-Kylie fans would recall the track much).

After 25 years, it's only natural that she is struggling to keep up with the kids who are into mainly young US pop. Hell, even a Taio Cruz collaboration failed to crack the top 30.

It will take something truly amazing to get her back up there.

- Petro