Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As you're probably aware, Pink's releasing a brand new Greatest Hits compilation in Australia in November, the first new single of which ('Raise Your Glass') went to Aussie radio this morning. Available in standard and deluxe editions, the compile brings together some of the biggest hits from Pink's illustrious career, including her original version of the Adam Lambert smash 'Whataya Want From Me'.
But we're now a little confused. In the official press release, Sony states that the ultimate fan version of the best-of will contain "two new songs including the new single 'Raise Your Glass'".
However, in the official tracklisting they've provided (below), it appears that 'Raise Your Glass' is accompanied by two other new songs. Which one's right? Time will tell.
'Greatest Hits… So Far!!!' is at retail on Friday November 12.

01. Get The Party Started
02. There You Go
03. Don't Let Me Get Me
04. Just Like A Pill
05. Family Portrait
06. Trouble
07. Stupid Girls
08. Who Knew
09. U + Ur Hand
10. Dear MR.President
11. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
12. So What
13. Sober
14. Please Don't Leave Me
15. Bad Influence
16. Funhouse
17. I Don't Believe You
18. Whataya Want From Me
19. Raise Your Glass
20. New Song TBD
21. New Song TBD


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Feel Good Time is missing and I would've liked to see God Is A DJ so we have 2 singles from Try This. Be great to hear her version of the Adam Lambert single. Thanks for posting I was bustin to see what songs made it.

Colin said...

surprised to see most girls absent from the list, arguablly her best performing song from 1st album, as well as Glitter In the air, the song that revived her popularity in America. nice to see Leave me Alone in there, even only released in Aus NZ and UK, she must of though of us when compiling the list

Aaron said...

I agree that I'd have liked to have seen Feel Good Time and God Is A DJ in there, Glitter In The Air too, but hey, they may pop up on the deluxe edition?

Paul K said...

The exemption of Most Girls is bizzare, especially as it was a No:1 single in Australia in 2000.

Also, one track from Try This? Bit sad.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the 2 extras tracks are previously released tracks, see here:

Funhouse (Deluxe edition only)
I Don’t Believe You (Deluxe edition only)

Anonymous said...

Glitter In The Air pops up on the US version because it was a hit single there; it was never a hit here.

You'll see Bad Influence is included on the track listing here, but not on the US edition. Again, because Bad Influence was a single here only.

Although Ave Mary A did get fairly heavy radio play here, I'm guessing it wasn't considered an official single, hence its non-inclusion.

All up, this is a great package. Cannot wait to get my hands on it and the DVD.

Anonymous said...

I also wonder if the inclusion of WDYWFM is an Aussie exclusive, as the US tracklisting makes no mention of it.

Anonymous said...

Surely it is the new single plus 2 new tracks?

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous No.2,

No, both 'Funhouse' and 'I Don't Believe You' are within the Aussie version's tracklisting (which you'll see in the original post).
Given Chartrigger is a US blog, they'll be giving you US tracklisting and/or information.

The auspOp team