Monday, October 18, 2010


One time Idol contestant Emily Williams (letf) has spent the past couple of years writing for other artists, but now the former Young Diva is stepping into the limelight in her own right, releasing her debut solo single early next month.
She' been hard at work on her solo material since the demise of the Aussie girl group and has been performing right across the country. And though details about the style and sound of her single are a little thin on the ground, the track is called 'Spellbound' and it's set for a digital release on Monday November 01.
More details as they come to hand.


Daniel said...

Finally! Can't wait :)

Brad said...

Wow. I remember reading a couple of years ago in a music magazine that she was working on her own solo material, so I waited, but nothing ever happened. Now, finally she is going to put something out there! :)

fabutrash said...

I love all the Divas. Really looking forward to see what she comes out with. I hopes she let's loose and pumps out some diva vocals!!

kent said...

Wow thats awesome news! Ive always loved Emily - she was my fav idol and my fav Young Diva. I cant wait to get the song!