Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes, it may look a little like the cover image for Ke$ha's international mega-hit 'Tik Tok', but it is in actual fact the cover image for the forthcoming deluxe edition of Ke$ha's album 'Animal'.
Sony Music has announced that the new edition will get an Australian release mid-way through next month.
It will feature the new artwork, original track listing with bonus tracks (including two remixes of 'Tik Tok') and a feature-packed DVD. The DVD is set to contain the three video clips thus far, along with live footage from London and Ke$ha webisodes.
Look for 'Animal - Deluxe Edition' instores on Friday July 16.


Brad said...

I think the label were just being a little to lazy using that same photograph from the cover of the "TiK ToK" single. Anyway, I think the release is rather exciting. The DVD footage seems interesting, but I already have the entire standard album anyway, and most of the remixes of her singles, so i'd probably give this one a miss unfortunately.

Aaron said...

Do you have a full tracklisting on hand that you'd be able to share? I'm quite interested here!

auspOp said...

01. Your Love Is My Drug
02. Tik Tok
03. Take It Off
04. Kiss N Tell
05. Stephen
06. Blah Blah Blah
07. Hungover
08. Party At A Rich Dude's House
09. Backstabber
10. Blind
11. Dinosaur
12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
13. Boots & Boys
14. Animal
15. VIP
16. CUNext Tuesday
17. Tik Tok (Wolfadelic Club Mix)
18. Tik Tok (Fred Falke Club Mix)

01. Dinosaur (Live In London)
02. Blah Blah Blah (Live In London)
03. Party At A Rich Dude’s House (Live In London)
04. Tik Tok (Live In London)
05. Tik ToK (Official Video)
06. Blah Blah Blah (Official Video)
07. Your Love Is My Drug (Official Video)
08. Kesha On The Road webisodes;
The Showcase
Behind the Scenes at TVC

Aaron said...


Casey said...

so this is pretty much an extended Japanese Edition (the JAP edition didn't have the YLISMD vid and a few of the other).The remixes and CUNxTuesday (love this song) should be worth the buy.

Anonymous said...

Yep - if it WEREN'T for the cover I would have brought this.

Shame really.