Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We're not quite sure why Sydney duo AEONS would want to be giving away their music free of charge, particularly when it's as strong as their thumping, pulsating, electrifying track 'Where The Sky Meets The Sea'. But that's precisely what they've asked us to do - give the song away to you as a free download!
AEONS is Sydney duo Lance Gurisik and Josh Matysek, and they've just finished recording their debut EP with the amazing Diamond Cut, who in the past has provided slamming remixes for the likes of Delta Goodrem, Cassette Kids and Van She.
'Where The Sky Meets The Sea', however, is not the first radio focus track to be lifted from the EP - that honour will go to 'Beyond The Satellites' - another electronic feast for the senses which is due to drop at radio next Wednesday.
When the band describes their sounds as "slick, informed, stargazing electro-pop from the universe next door", they're most certainly not kidding around.
AEONS will release their debut EP in a couple of weeks time (released June 19) and as seems to be tradition with the band, they'll also be giving that away completely free of charge from their OFFICIAL MYSPACE.
Hands down the strongest independent slice of goodness we've heard all year.
(Click on the boys' image above for the FREE download link)

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