Tuesday, May 4, 2010

INCOMING : Sophie Ellis-Bextor

We've had quite a number of people asking us when Sophie Ellis-Bextor's new material will be getting an Australian release. We can confirm that as of late today, Soph's new album 'Straight To The Heart' has now appeared on Universal Music's Aussie release schedule. But the strange thing is - it's way before the UK's official release date of August 02, so things could quite possibly be delayed in the weeks ahead. But at this stage (and not accounting for said delays), we're set to see it in the shops on June 11.
It's rumoured to include a track co-written by Melbourne's Nervo sisters called 'Not Giving Up on Love'.

UPDATE (May 10, 2010) : Things have indeed changed - the Sophie Ellis-Bextor album has now disappeared from the Universal Music Release Schedule.


Feedlimmy said...

I'm getting palpitations just thinking about this... all hail the British pop princess du jour!

Aaron said...

Bring it on - Sure to be gorgeous - Can't wait to see a cover! I'm pulling for glitter and sparkles!

Flop Of The Pops said...

kylie >>> sophie ellis FLOPxtor