Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BEYONCE : Why Don't You Love Me

Isn't it just the way - you whack a scheduled story up early on a Wednesday morning yabbering away about Beyonce's forthcoming video for her umpteenth single from her current album and then within moments of doing so, she decides to pop the thing online in it's entirety. So here it is - Honey B and her new video for 'Why Don't You Love Me'. Could it be that after appearing in Gaga's 'Telephone' clip that someone's decided to inject a little bit of humour into her new video? 'Cause this features Beyonce in a series of rather dowdy domestic situations - doing the washing up in her Chanel belt, blowing cigarette smoke out of her nostrils, pruning her bushes in killer fluorescent heels.
There's even a quirky little aside right slap bang in the middle where she polishes her Grammys!
It's quite a bit of fun.

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