Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KACI BATTAGLIA : Crazy Possessive

It was released over in the United States in the middle of last year and topped the Billboard dance charts, and now it's Australia's turn to find out a little more about Kaci Battaglia, whose debut single 'Crazy Possessive' was taken to radio last week.
But Kaci's no newcomer to the music business - she's been releasing material for the past decade - and she's still only 22 years of age!
Lyrically 'Crazy Possessive' deals with the "other woman" messing around with your man and taking out revenge. The uncensored version is peppered with expletives.
And in the video, it seems little Kaci (pronounced Casey) is going a little out of her mind. Is that the other woman she sees on the other side of the apartment complex? Is that the other woman there in front of her in the mirror? And why are they both throwing chairs off the balcony?
Warning - expletives contained in the clip below.

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Aaron said...

I'd love to see this go huge - Bring on the album!