Monday, December 7, 2009


Plenty of post-ARIAs love in both the official Aussie singles and albums charts this week - pretty much all the night's performers improved, with The Temper Trap finally getting some love with 'Sweet Disposition'. But as with last week, Susan Boyle is completely unstoppable on the ARIA albums chart, outselling her nearest rival by almost THIRTY THOUSAND COPIES!! Let's check out the charts;

SINGLES : Ke$ha's dominance of the Australian singles chart shows no signs of slowing for the moment - the young American holding firm in the No.1 position for another week with her debut solo effort 'Tik Tok'. It bagged a further 20,452 copies this week, bringing to 97,763 the number of copies the track's sold since it's debut just seven weeks ago.
Australian Idol Stan Walker will just have to settle for the bridesmaid's position with his debut single 'Black Box'. And with the video premiering late last week, sales of the track rose slightly week on week, from 15,533 last week to 17,493 this week.
Lady Gaga improves this week with her latest 'Bad Romance'. It's up two places to No.3, with a further 13,375 copies sold, while both Jay Sean and the Black Eyed Peas drop.
Two new entries into the top ten this week come courtesy of Orianthi (up five to No.08 with 'According To You' - 7569 sales) and Guy Sebastian with Jordin Sparks (also up five to No.10 with 'Art Of Love' - 6202 sales). But it's at the expense of Vanessa Amorosi and Britney Spears whose singles 'This Is Who I Am' and '3' drop to No.17 and No.18 respectively.
Jason DeRulo bullets nine places to be knocking on the door of top ten success with his single 'Whatcha Say' - up to No.11 this week with 6058 sales. The Temper Trap joins him in the top 20, FINALLY getting some long-awaited love for their debut single 'Sweet Disposition'. It's up 32 places to No.16 (4954 sales).
More post-ARIAs love from No.20 to No.30 - Empire Of The Sun re-emerges at No.23 with 'Walking On A Dream' (3598 sales), Robbie Williams' 'Bodies' pops up again to No.24 (3278 sales) and Kate Miller-Heidke rises again - 'The Last Day On Earth' up seven to No.27 (2848 sales).
Beyonce ftg. Lady Gaga's 'Video Phone' overtakes Lady Gaga ftg. Beyonce's 'Telephone' as the most popular track this week - leaping nine places to No.31 (2379 copies), while Lisa Mitchell's 'Coin Laundry' returns post-ARIAs (No.32) and Jessica Mauboy has to settle for No.33 with her latest single 'Let Me Be Me' (2315 sales).
Further down, there are re-emergences from Ladyhawke (No.41) and Hilltop Hoods (No.45), while the No.40 - No.50 spots are peppered with top 50 debuts; No.44 - Sarah Blasko 'We Won't Run' (1748), No.46 - David Guetta ftg. Estelle 'One Love' (1690) and No.48 - Taylor Swift 'Fifteen' (1584).
Outside the top 50, the new Muse single 'Undisclosed Desires' debuts at No.55 (1336 copies), Sam Clark's single 'Broken' teeters on a top 50 berth - at No.57 (1304 sales), Empire Of The Sun's 'We Are The People' makes a re-entry at No.65 and the title track from Susan Boyle's album 'I Dreamed A Dream' makes a splash at No.66 (1224 sales).
Sarah Blasko returns with 'All I Want' (No.81), Rihanna is in at No.82 with 'Wait Your Turn' (1006 sales), Hilltop Hoods debut at No.21 with 'The Nosebleed Section' (886 sales) and Susan Boyle's at it again with her Rolling Stones cover 'Wild Horses' debuting at No.93 (872 copies).

ALBUMS : There is absolutely no budging Susan Boyle this week - with her album 'I Dreamed A Dream' classified three times platinum in just two weeks on sale, she's assured that there are plenty of copies of it on retailers' shelves for people to buy - and it seems the public is responding, keeping her at No.1 thanks to a whopping 47,449 sales this week - the biggest weekly sales figure of any album in Australia this year.
And though Michael Buble holds the No.2 position with his 'Crazy Love' album, his sales were a long, long way behind. Though decent, 18,701 copies is almost 30,000 sales off the pace.
Gaga returns to the top three with 'The Fame' (now in it's 'Monster' guise) - it sells a further 9498 copies this week, with Robbie Williams' 'Reality Killed The Video Star' returning to the top five (at No.4) following a healthy 8862 sales.
Empire Of The Sun benefits post-ARIAs. 5535 people rushed into the shops last week after Luke's performance on the Acer Arena stage and grabbed a copy of 'Walking On A Dream'.
Sarah Blasko is another Aussie artist who benefits from an abridged ARIAs turn - No.19 for 'As Day Follows Night', up 45 places, so too Kate Miller-Heidke, who's album 'Curiouser' moves from No.37 to No.22 (3229 sales).
Enya's best-of jumps 16 to No.24 (3114 sales), Triple J's 'Like A Version Vol.5' debuts at No.29 (2998 sales), Lisa Mitchell's up 20 spots to No.30 and Kate Ceberano's 'Merry Christmas' moves into the top 50 at No.33 (2754 sales).
There's more Christmas cheer at No.35 - this time for Andrea Bocelli (2701 copies), Mark Vincent's album 'My Dream, Mio Visione' benefits from the pre-Christmas re-package (up 30 places to No.38), so too Jimmy Barnes' 'The Rhythm And The Blues' (No.41). And 50 Cent isn't worth what it was last week - the album 'Before I Self Destruct' doing just that - plummeting 27 places to No.46.



Anonymous said...

Can someone please post the 'Black Eyed Peas sales figures to date for:
The E.N.D, Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling and Meet Me Halfway.

Also the Aria Dance Charts has 'Poker Face' by Lady GaGa as 6xPlatinum is this correct? I thought it was only 3xPlatinum.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, could I also get 'Bad Romance' sales figures to date, from release till now.


auspOp said...

And for the regulars (as always)...

SINGLE No.89 : Release Me (905)

ALBUM No.42 : I Am… Sasha Fierce (2369)
SINGLE No.31 : Video Phone Remix (2379)
SINGLE No.62 : Single Ladies (1270)
SINGLE No.70 : Sweet Dreams (1164)
SINGLE No.84 : Halo (963)
SINGLE No.98 : Video Phone (795)

Black Eyed Peas
ALBUM No.09 : The E.N.D. (7078)
SINGLE No.05 : Meet Me Halfway (9425)
SINGLE No.19 : I Gotta Feeling (4160)
SINGLE No.50 : Boom Boom Pow (1526)

Michael Buble
ALBUM No.02 : Crazy Love (18701)
ALBUM No.60 : Michael Buble (1393)
ALBUM NO.61 : It’s Time (1320)
ALBUM No.64 : Call Me Irresponsible (1304)
SINGLE No.20 : Haven’t Met You Yet (3956)

Michael Jackson
ALBUM No.11 : This Is It (6179)
ALBUM No.70 : Essential (1185)
ALBUM No.85 : #1s (1026)

Kings Of Leon
ALBUM No.75 : Only By The Night (1092)

Lady Gaga
ALBUM No.03 : The Fame (9498) * Includes The Fame Monster
SINGLE No.03 : Bad Romance (13375)
SINGLE No.38 : Telephone (1944)
SINGLE No.67 : Poker Face (1197)
SINGLE No.72 : Paparazzi (1148)
SINGLE No.91 : Just Dance (899)

ALBUM No.78 : Celebration (1077)

Jessica Mauboy
ALBUM No.37 : Been Waiting (2527)
SINGLE No.33 : Let Me Be Me (2315)
SINGLE No.35 : Up/Down (2183)
SINGLE No.94 : Burn (844)

Kate Miller-Heidke
ALBUM No.22 : Curiouser (3229)
SINGLE No.27 : The Last Day On Earth (2848)
SINGLE No.37 : Caught In The Crowd (1999)

Lisa Mitchell
ALBUM No.30 : Wonder (2911)
SINGLE No.32 : Coin Laundry (2376)

ALBUM No.12 : Funhouse (5677)
ALBUM No.82 : Missundaztood (1038)
ALBUM No.98 : I’m Not Dead (869)
SINGLE No.36 : I Don’t Believe You (2023)
SINGLE No.59 : Funhouse (1290)

Guy Sebastian
ALBUM No.28 : Like It Like That (3034)
SINGLE No.10 : Art Of Love (6202)
SINGLE No.25 : Like It Like That (3258)

Britney Spears
ALBUM No.40 : The Singles Collection (2474)
ALBUM No.88 : Circus (975)
SINGLE No.18 : 3 (4816)

Fatty said...

"Cassei Davis" debuted at #100 with "No More".... how many copies did it sell?

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

Unfortunately we can't spend much time on adding all the figures up this week, but we suggest clicking through our old chart watch segments. We've been reporting on Black Eyed Peas sales in the comments section each week pretty much ever since we started reporting figures in March.
As for 'Bad Romance', 52,308 copies thus far.

And for 'Fatty', Cassie sold 779 copies to be in at No.100. Missed that one...

The auspOp team

Jillian said...


Do you have the chart position/sales for Hayley Westenra's 'Christmas Magic'? I'm not expecting it to have sold much at all as almost no where was stocking it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

How much did Broken by Sam Clark sell? It was number 2 on the physical charts, but still wasn't on the main charts.

Anonymous said...

Norah Jones and John Mayer's sales please? Also, any sign of Janet Jackson's The Best on the top 100 albums chart? Thanks

auspOp said...

Hey Jillian,

No Hayley Westenra in the top 100, sorry.


We mentioned Sam Clark's sales in the original post.

And for Anonymous #2,

Norah Jones' album at No.34 : 2718 sales.
John Mayer at No.18 : 3612 sales.
John's single 'Who Says' dropped from No.42 to 63 (1246 sales).

The auspOp team

Anonymous said...

Can I please get the Lily Allen and Taylor Swift figures for the week please?

fishpOp said...

Hey auspOp, would you be able to tell me when was the last time an album sold more than Susan Boyle did this week (with 47K copies sold), which album it was, and how much it sold... thanks??

And Congratulations to GaGa for achieving a 6xPlatinum accreditation for Poker Face!! =D

Anonymous said...

surely lisa mitchell's coin laundry would've reached gold? How many total sales has it done?


Tim said...

Hey there AuspOp, I was just wondering if Mariah Carey has made any appearances in the top 100? Her "Merry Christmas" album seems to be climbing the catalogue chart and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has been in the iTunes top 50 all week. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

mika sales?

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

Sure thing... Here's this week's Mika details;

ALBUM No.95 : The Boy Who Knew Too Much (884)

Both the 'We Are Golden' and 'Rain' singles again slipped out of the top 100 following their post-Idol Final spike last week.

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

Oooh, a few more requests we see...

Let's have a look at them, then...

Lily Allen
ALBUM No.20 : It's Not Me, It's You (3384)
ALBUM No.93 : Alright, Still (904)
SINGLE No.61 : Who'd Have Known (1283)
SINGLE No.97 : Not Fair (817)

Taylor Swift
ALBUM No.08 : Fearless (7553)
SINGLE No.43 : You Belong With Me (1753)
SINGLE No.48 : Fifteen (1584)
SINGLE No.54 : Love Story (1355)

For fishpOp,
We don't have sales figures previous to March, unfortunately, but no-one's sold more than SuBo in a single week this year.

For Tim,

No Mariah Carey to be seen anywhere in the top 100s - on singles or albums chart.

And for Anonymous re: Lisa Mitchell sales,

Since March 23, in all the time the track has spent in the top 100, it's sales are now 30,596.
Just over 4000 copies off gold.

The auspOp team

Anonymous said...

Could I please get total sales for Alesha Dixon?


d@yne said...

hia auspop, sorry to do this but are you able to tell me short stacks album sales total? thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Auspop!

Leone Lewis' sales with Echo (and position) and Happy's sales (and position in the Digital Track), please. Thanks. Great job !!

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

Leona's 'Echo' has fallen to No.90 (929 sales).
It'll be gone next week, given it fell 34 places.

Leona sold 1540 copies of 'Happy' last week - No.49 in the singles chart, no placing in the digital top 50.

The auspOp team