Thursday, November 19, 2009

LISA MITCHELL : Clean White Love

The rather lovely Lisa Mitchell has served up her brand new single 'Clean White Love' in recent weeks and now the former Idol contestant, whose album 'Wonder' created quite the stir when it was released earlier this year, has unveiled the video clip for the song - filmed during her current visit to the UK.
What's happening in it? Lisa's decided to go on a lovely train trip with a bunch of friends when she finds a little 'lost' poster on the platform. On it is a picture of a heart, presumably meaning someone's left it there to try and find some love. After a lovely card game onboard, the gang alight and go for a meander through the woods, filming their every move for prosperity. They happen upon a house, set up a bonfire in the backyard (someone brought sparklers and a bugger-off big bag of marshmallows). There's some sleeping, some reading, some writing, some blowing of bubbles and some galavanting through the fields of Britain, before Lisa posts what is presumably a love letter to the person who's still looking for love. We assume they're still looking 'cause there's another strategically-placed notice near the 'pillar box'.

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Anonymous said...

Oh this was such a cute video. I want to live like that...