Friday, November 13, 2009


Okay, so let's just get this straight... This week on auspOp, you're not just giving away ONE album, you're giving away TWO? Maaaayyyybe. So not only has the fab EMI team given us copies of the Lily Allen deluxe edition to give away this week, but they've also sent us five copies of the rather splendid new Norah Jones album 'The Fall' too. And who reaps the benefits of all of these giveaways? Why that'd be you! And how does one go about going into the draw to win a copy of Norah's album?
Simply send us an email containing your name and postal address to with the subject line 'I'm a Norah Adorer' (try saying that three times following a of glasses of Absinthe) - (PS we just cut and pasted that from the last giveaway and updated accordingly - we can be SO lazy sometimes.) But hurry! Competition closes next Thursday night!

Competition closes at 11:59pm AEDT on Thursday November 19, 2009. One entry per person. Winners' names will be published here on the site on Friday November 20. And remember, your name, identity, address, phone number, waist size, sexual preference and choice of underwear is of no relevance or interest to us, so we just delete the details once the prizes have been given away! Splendid!


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