Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Want something that's totally fresh and before we posted it no-one had actually viewed on YouTube before? Well looky right here - it's the clip to the brand new Calvin Harris single 'Flashback'. It's the third cut to be lifted from his 'Ready For The Weekend' piece and the action starts with Calvin standing on his boat (we're assuming it's his boat 'cause after all he's a super-successful DJ producer type who's probably rolling in the cash etc etc), but it seems to run out of petrol or something 'cause it's not moving. That said, there are a number of polaroid snaps and an empty bottle of Johnny Walker Red on the boat, so it's probably a good thing that it's not moving. And that said, given an entire bottle of whiskey has been consumed, Calvin's looking surprisingly fresh.
Spookily (and perhaps keeping in with the title of the song), Calvin starts to have a series of flashbacks.
Turns out he's had a helluva night.
(Let's hope for Calvin's sake they don't remove this video from YouTube, or we may be up for another one of his f-bomb-filled Tweet-fests. It's his video, after all.)

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