Monday, June 15, 2009


Seems like all the charts have been shaken up a little in the last week, not least of which over on the albums chart. We have a new No.1 album in Australia this week - but how many copies did they sell to get the top spot?
SINGLES : It's the Black Eyed Peas continuing their reign above all others on the Australian singles chart this week - their track 'Boom Boom Pow' sells another 11,874 copies to almost double the sales of the runner-up Eminem on 6058 sales. Having Lily Allen in the country at the moment is affecting sales for her - single No.2 'Not Fair' makes it's way to No.3 this week (5647 sales), with Miley Cyrus climbing to a new peak of No.5 (5379 sales). But in another big sign that the band can do no wrong, the second single from the Black Eyed Peas' new album - 'I Gotta Feeling' debuts in the No.8 position in it's first week in, selling 5022 copies in the process. Kelly Clarkson's promo tour pays dividends - the single 'I Do Not Hook Up' moves into the top ten at No.9, while the Pussycat Dolls drop now that they're out of the country. Lady Gaga's Australian exit doesn't seem to be hurting sales of new single 'Paparazzi' any - it moves up 13 places to No.14 this week. Further down the list, there's a debut for Beyonce - 'Sweet Dreams' comes in at No.41 on the back of 1485 sales - and Jordin Sparks' new track 'Battlefield' begins chart impact at No.66 with 857 sales.
ALBUMS : Over on the albums side of things - we do indeed have a new No.1 album - and it comes this week courtesy of the all-conquering Black Eyed Peas. Fergie and the boys managed 14,991 sales of the album in the past week to debut in pole position. In doing so, they knocked off the lads from Eskimo Joe, who enjoyed just the one week on top before falling to No.4 this week. But, there's a debut at No.2 too! Perth rock outfit Karnivool have bagged a totally respectable 13,264 copies of their third album to grab the No.2 spot. Pink's 'Funhouse' holds steady at No.3 (8979 copies), while Eskimo Joe have to settle for No.4 in their second week (8411 copies). Shock Records will be happy with a No.8 debut for the new Placebo record. 'Battle For The Sun' enjoys 4414 sales on debut, while just three places below, Kasabian's new effort 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' makes it's way into the chart with 3598 sales. With a promo tour of the country last week, Seal's 'Soul' bullets back into the top 50 after languishing in the bottom half of the top 100 for a couple of weeks. It's up from No.75 to No.16. Further down, the Pussycat Dolls drop 10 (from 10 to 20) as does Jess Mauboy (from 17 to 27), while there are also a number of artists jumping 10 including Katy Perry (from 32 to 22), Simon & Garfunkel (from 36 to 26) and Pink (from 38 to 28). Further down there are a number of debuts; No.31 Taking Back Sunday 'New Again' (1428 copies), No.32 Daniel Merriweather 'Love & War' (1403 copies), No.35 The Eels 'Hombre Lobo' (1279 copies) and No.39 Paulo Nutini 'Sunny Side Up' (1136 copies). Australia's love affair with Pink continues too, with plenty of Pink splashed across the top 50 again this week; No.3 'Funhouse', No.10 'I'm Not Dead', No.18 'Missundazstood', No.20 'Try This', No.28 'Can't Take Me Home' and No.40 'Can't Take Me Home/Missundazstood' pack.



Anonymous said...

Are you able to tell us where Nat Bass' "1000 Stars" single and album are this week on the ARIA Charts?

auspOp said...

Yep - Nat's album '1000 Stars' is sitting at No.67 this week (down from No.54 last week).
The single '1000 Stars' is at No.53 (up from No.57 last week). Her previous single 'Someday Soon' is still in the top 100 (only just). It's at No.99 this week (down from No.90 last week).

The auspOp team.