Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's with great sadness that we report the demise of one of Australia's most respected independent music labels in Central Station Records. The sale of the dance music label was announced just over four weeks ago, but it's been suggested that the sale was only 99% approved when the announcement was made and this week, the label sadly followed it's parent company Destra into administration. According to our sources, "Every effort was made to re-negotiate the deal and keep Central Station running as an on going concern, but unfortunately it's not been possible.
"The trademarks and some of the brands may find life elsewhere moving forward, but the label itself has now shut down."
Central Station Records had been a successful boutique dance music record label in Australia for 32 years, releasing the hugely successful Wild and Skitz Mix compilation albums, as well as discs by Deuce, Bananarama, Tiesto, Dannii Minogue, Nicki French, Hocus Pocus and more recently September and P Money.
We've enjoyed some pretty extraordinary releases from Central Station Records over the years and the team behind the product were all dedicated, passionate experts in their respective fields, some of whom we've worked with rather closely in the past.
So from auspOp to all of the Central Station Records team, congratulations and thankyou for 32 years of amazing pop/dance music and for your passionate support of auspOp in it's inception earlier this year - hopefully the closing of this chapter doesn't blunt your passion for the product, as we look forward to working with you again soon on the next chapter. A fond farewell.


Aaron said...

Yes, Goodbye & Thank You - You've provided us with some fantastic releases and I will love your music forever.

What happens to the artists on the label?

Leo_Melbourne said...

OMG - whats going to happen to Dannii Minogue, September etc - will they simply go to another label!
Central Station has released some real gems over the years including the fantastic Joy FM compilations!
Sadly missed!

auspOp said...


All rights of the artist now revert back to the rightful owners... So September and Dannii now no longer have an Australian record company.


Anonymous said...

Stay tuned - all may not be lost !!!

Adem With An E said...

Things are looking good... from what I hear on the grapevine. Someone may be coming in to save the day!!