Friday, October 10, 2008

TOURING : September

Don't say we didn't warn you... Swedish pOp goddess September (AKA Petra Marklund) is coming to Australia to perform a series of eight gigs throughout late October and early November. In an auspOp exclusive, we can reveal first where to catch the 'Cry For You' singer when she hits our shores. And as we predicted mid-way through last week, she is indeed performing as part of the Melbourne Cup Carnival - at the exclusive Saab marquee.

October 31 : Melbourne (Crown Casino)
November 01 : Adelaide (Earth Nightclub)
November 02 : Gold Coast (Bedroom)
November 04 : Melbourne (Flemington - Saab Marquee)
November 06 : Melbourne (Flemington - Saab Marquee)
November 07 : Sydney (Trademark)
November 08 : Newcastle (Fanny)
November 09 : Sydney (Home)


Leo_Melbourne said...

:( :( :(
I fly out of the country on Oct 31 for a week, so will miss her gigs :(

Aaron said...

Ahh! Evil! I'm in Melbourne the week beforehand :(!

xchase said...

Any more info on this ? I called Crown and they didn't have any record/idea who September was.