Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LENKA : The Show

Well if this isn't the cutest little video clip of 2008!! Expat Sydney-sider Lenka is about to unleash her debut album upon the United States and the team from SonyBMG here in Australia have given us a little heads-up on her refreshing style and individual pOp attitude. We think Lenka's own succinct story and self-description on her OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE sums her up perfectly; "There once was a little girl. She was born in the bush. Her parents called her Lenka. Her first friends were trees. Her father played the trumpet, she sang with him when she was 6. She grew up a bit. They moved to the big city (Sydney). She went to school. She danced a bit. She acted a bit. She went to art college. She started to sing a bit more… She joined a band called Decoder Ring. They created an album called Somersault, which was the soundtrack to a feature film called Somersault. It won lots of awards. She got called things like an “ethereal songstress” a “pocket rocket” and “breathy, strangely haunting.” (Rolling Stone ’04) She flew on a plane and landed in Los Angeles. She hid away in studios and emerged with new songs. One of her songs “Follow” provided the soundtrack to Courtney Cox masturbating in Dirt. She found this nice. She wants to do more – song writing, singing, performing, collaborating. Making people feel some pleasure…" Amen to that. Lenka's self-titled debut album is released in the US on September 23 and arrives at Australian retail one month later on October 25.

The Show - Lenka

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