Friday, September 5, 2008


We talked about this release a couple of weeks ago, saying then that SonyBMG Australia deserved a huge pat on the back for their pressing of the Jennifer Hudson single 'Spotlight'. We predicted too that it would be turning up in import stores the world over - and that's precisely what's happened. US-based dance music site 'Perfect Beat' is certainly most excited about the Aussie 'Spotlight' release - sending out this email to their customers earlier today; "What’s all the excitement about with this release? Well, not only do you get the full length Johnny Vicious mix and the 9 minute Quentin Harris mix, but you also get the full 8 minute ESSENTIAL Moto Blanco mix! If that wasn’t enough, you also get the video. As you all know, the major label singles from Australia are usually one time pressings… so don’t wait another minute to pick up this amazing release!". It's a great example of how thinking outside the square a little can bring you success at retail not just in Australia, but in the larger global marketplace.

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