Friday, October 31, 2014


When we interviewed 'The Voice' winner Anja Nissen at the start of August, she made mention that her hopes for her debut single were that she would "come out with something that surprises people".
"They’ll say ‘I didn’t expect that’. And I think that’s what’s going to happen," she said.
What we knew by then was that she'd already been in the studio to work on music with her coach Will.I.Am before he jetted out of the country.
Today, three months later, her debut single 'I'm So Excited' has finally been released, but is the single the right choice? And, more importantly, has Anja left it too late?
Perhaps she has, if the iTunes chart is anything to go by (it's at No.98).
While the concept of the video is nothing new (Lene's 'Pretty Young Thing' comes to mind), there's certainly something very slick and international-looking about it. And Anja's virtually unrecognisable from her almost vanilla-favoured persona on the show. But again, that question keeps rearing its head... has she left her run too late?


Anthrax – Chile On Hell (CD/DVD)
Kasper Bjorke – After Forever
Black Veil Brides – Black Veil Brides
Dean Blunt – Black Metal
Anna Calvi – One Breath (Deluxe Edition)
Celtic Thunder – Holiday Symphony
Clark – Clark
Collabro – Stars
Richard Dawson – Nothing Important
Dels – Petals Have Fallen
Dirty South – With You
Frazey Ford – Indian Ocean
Hand Of Mercy – Resolve
Calvin Harris – Motion
Lee Kernaghan – Driving Home For Christmas
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
Lagwagon – Hang
Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe Edition)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition)
Annie Lennox – Nostalgia
Theophilus London – Vibes
Sarah McKenzie – We Could Be Lovers
The Ocean Party – Soft Focus
The Once – Departures
Eros Ramazzotti – Eros 30 : Greatest Hits
Eros Ramazzotti – Eros 30 : Greatest Hits (Deluxe Edition)
Darius Rucker – Home For The Holidays
Superfood – Don’t Say That
Trophy Eyes – Mend, Move On
TV On The Radio – Nebulous * November 04
Various – Home For Christmas
Various – Wild Summer 2015
Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Complete Epic Recordings Collection
The Who – Who Hits 50
Neil Young – Storytone
Yusuf – Tell ‘Em I’m Gone

Fergie ftg. YG – L.A. Love (la la)
DJ Fresh ftg. Ellie Goulding – Flashlight
Generik ftg. Nicky Van She – The Weekend
Henry Jackman – Microbots
Mari Jean – If Only EP
KLP – Medicine
Krunk! – De Zooya
Madeon – Imperium
Monks Of Mellonwah – Hide Away (Pulse)
Anja Nissen ftg. Will.I.Am & Cody Wise – I’m So Excited
Paces ftg. Youth – On My Mind
PhysiQue – Same Mistakes
Poolclvb ftg. Erin Marshall – Here You’re Mine
Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Downx
Sunset Sons – No Bad Days
Tei Shi – Bassically
Timomatic ftg. Pusha T – Delilah

ALBUM REVIEW : Nicole Scherzinger - Big Fat Lie

Nicole Scherzinger just cannot catch a break this decade. For some reason, whenever she releases a solo album under the name ‘Pussycat Dolls’ it’s a hit, but should she try to release it under her own name it just doesn’t work like it ought to. You know she basically sang everything on ‘PCD’ right?
Anyways. ‘Big Fat Lie’. What’s there to say? The two singles were a bit disappointing, yes?
‘Your Love’ starts off sounding a bit 1990s (in a good way) but then Nicole’s strange vocals on the verses make our ears swell, whilst ‘On The Rocks’ sounds like a Cheryl Cole reject. Clearly stealing her job on 'X Factor USA' wasn’t vindictive enough for Nicole.
Elsewhere, we’re digging the minimalism on ‘Heartbreaker’ and the electro R&B of ‘God Of War’. We especially like ‘Girl With A Diamond Heart’ that has a piano-led bit that Mariah would kill for. It’s basically the most Pussycat Dolls-sounding of the songs on here, making it an obvious standout.
At this point, we should also give props to Nicole and co. for only using the one production team (The Dream and Tricky Stewart for those who are wondering) to give her album a consistent sound, but the drawback of that is that some tracks are clear leftovers. We’re looking at you ‘First Time’ with all of its Rihanna-isms.
Lyrically speaking, it’s the usual love and bedroom-time songs here, besides from the title track.
The title track is hard-hitting with its words, but Nicole’s vocals sound so void of emotion during the chorus that the effect of almost-rhymes such as ‘I’m never alone, I’m so famous, but still I’m prescribed pills to make it painless’ falls flat.
Better is closing track ‘Run’, where Nicole is kept company by piano and strings to let her voice do all the heavy lifting, which it does with ease.
To conclude this review, we figure it’s best to paraphrase lyrics from ‘Run’... "Here’s some advice for the next one...". Hire four backing singer/dancers and rename yourselves Pussycat Dolls... we hear Mutya Keisha Siobhan might be available...

Download : Girl With A Diamond Heart, Run.

TULISA : Living Without You

It's been a while since we last had new music from former 'X Factor UK' judge Tulisa. But new music is just around the corner (well, just over a month away) with new tune 'Living Without You'.
Available for pre-order on the Aussie iTunes store, the track's official video premiered just over 24 hours ago.
It's got dancing boys, it's got glam outfits, it's got luxurious sets, it's got a '90s-leaning dance/pop beat that's so hot right now, all seemingly thanks to Clean Bandit.
And, of course, it's got our leading lady, who knows precisely what it takes to ensure she gets us all hot under the collar.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

ALBUM REVIEW : Taylor Swift - 1989

Welcome to the world of pop Ms.Swift!
On ‘1989’ Taylor Swift ditches her country roots and embraces an electro pop sound with interesting results.
What has always set Taylor apart from her musical rivals is her crazy songwriting skills, used to full effect on second single ‘Blank Space’. It’s essentially the application process for being Taylor’s boyfriend under an almost urban beat. Not many people could sing "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane" and come out looking blasé!
Taylor also gets smart-writing points for ‘Style’, a moody electro guitar pop moment that hints to her short fling with Harry Styles.
As the album title suggests, the 1980s are an obvious influence throughout the album. We’re not quite thrilled with ‘Welcome To New York’, which flirts with an '80s Madonna sound but doesn’t quite get away with it. Far better is the summery ’New Romantics’ which is unjustifiably shuttled off to the deluxe edition.
Continuing with the '80s theme, fan favourite ‘Out Of The Woods’ perfectly captures how it feels to be in a relationship constantly on the verge of ending.
‘I Wish You Would’ has a killer guitar riff, but we can’t help but compare it to the underrated ‘Kiss’ album by Carly-Rae Jepsen, which was also '80s themed.
Elsewhere, first single ‘Shake It Off’ is everything one would want from a Taylor Swift song. It’s dorky but fun, unashamedly pure pop but with a sense of humour about it.
We were quite disappointed with ‘Bad Blood’, a song reportedly about the singer’s feud with Katy Perry. This might irk some Swifties (or whatever Taylor calls her fans), but it sounds like a bad Avril Lavigne song.
Thankfully, amidst all of the smart lyrical moments on here, Taylor is still able to write a damn good traditional love song, such as the almost educational ‘How You Get The Girl’.
‘Clean’ and ‘This Love’ both fulfill the ballad quotient quite well, with added earthy electronic influences. But not every experiment works, with bonus track ‘You Are In Love’ sounding like a poor man’s version of ‘Today Was A Fairytale’.
All in all, ‘1989’ is a smart pop record that will appeal to Taylor’s young female audience. We would’ve liked a few more up-tempo numbers but if the system isn’t broke…

Download : Blank Space, Style, How You Get The Girl, New Romantics.

JUSTICE CREW : Rise & Fall

By now you've probably heard Justice Crew's new single 'Rise & Fall' a hundred times as part of the promos for Channel 7's new show 'The Big Adventure'.
The promos feature pristine beaches, azure water and beautiful people doing their best to earn a buck. So the video, which premiered today, has more than a bit of familiarity to it.
Filmed on Queensland's Daydream Island, the boys are filmed walking along the beach, swimming, baring a bit of flesh, snuggling with some lucky ladies by the campfire and walking hand in hand into the sunset.
It's all set to the band's tribal beats and summery sounds that they no doubt hope will achieve similar success to their previous anthem 'Que Sera'.


Despite a high profile appearance and performance on 'The X Factor' grand final, the new Guy Sebastian single 'Mama Ain't Proud' premiered on the ARIA singles chart at No.17 over the weekend. In a world where appearances on the talent show have the tendency to turn mere songs into chart monsters, we presume it would have been a disappointing result.
Disappointing also will be the fact the single is currently outside the top 20 on the iTunes singles store, so there'll be a lot riding on the official video (below), which premiered this morning.
In it, Guy's back at school. With 2 Chainz. In order to choose the most amazing dancer. While there are some incredibly fierce moves right there in the middle of the basketball court, it seems they forget to pick a winner.
'Mama Ain't Proud' is a curious beast. Guy's clearly hoping to get a lil' bit more notice Stateside and if this single does nothing else, it serves to showcase the extraordinary power of his voice.

TOURING : Tinashe

US starlet Tinashe will visit Australia in February, with Live Nation this morning confirming headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Though the singer might not quite have broken through into the mainstream in Australia properly just yet (her one and only top 20 hit being '2 On' earlier this year), there's growing interest, apparently sufficient enough to warrant the headline shows.
The tour kicks off at The Triffid in Brisbane on February 15 with shows at the Metro Theatre in Sydney and The HiFi in Melbourne to follow across the ensuing days.
Tickets are on sale at 10am local time on Monday November 03.

February 15 : Brisbane (The Triffid)
February 18 : Sydney (Metro Theatre)
February 20 : Melbourne (The HiFi)

TOURING : Röyksopp & Robyn

Well if this news hasn't made our millennium... Norwegian electro duo Röyksopp and Swedish pop goddess Robyn will arrive in Australia together early in the new year, with shows announced in both Sydney and Melbourne.
The two acts teamed up earlier this year for the spectacular 'Do It Again' campaign, but separately they're certainly no slouches, with Röyksopp about to release their highly anticipated 'The Inevitable End' and Robyn peppering us with timeless hits such as 'With Every Heartbeat', 'Be Mine' and 'Dancing On My Own'.
Both will perform respective solo sets before combining for performances from the 'Do It Again' project in a show Live Nation tells us will be filled with "big sounds, lasers, smoke and lights".
A succession of pre-sales kick off on Monday, with general public tickets live from 10am on Friday November 07.

January 05 : Melbourne (Palais Theatre)
January 06 : Sydney (Hordern Pavilion)